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American Shipping And Packing, Inc. was founded in October 1989 by M. Don Carthorn, a business major of The University of Akron who has over 12 years in the transportation industry. The fundamental purpose of the formation of A. S. A. P. was to aid customers with a full service shipping company. A. S. A. P is one of only a few companies that specialize in less than minimum shipments to all fifty states and internationally. With a customer service and satisfaction attitude, A. S. A. P. began to focus on local pickup / delivery and messenger / courier service. American Shipping And Packing, Inc. took a one customer, one job at a time approach.

In 1989, A. S. A. P. acquired Martin Movers, a company with over 30 years of dependable service, which enabled A. S. A. P. to service the occasional shipper with an eight ounce letter as well as the truck load move for business and residents. Serving Akron, Youngstown, and Northeastern Ohio, A. S. A. P. / Martin Movers is fully staffed with an accounting department, customer service staff and company employees specializing in delivery, packing, moving and warehousing relocation services.

M. Don Carthorn CEO

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